gmail_new_inbox-2 How to use New Gmail email categorizationHello friend are you know that gmail launch the new style of inbox to sort your email. Google today is introducing a new way to manage your Gmail inbox. This new view of your inbox puts a number of tabs at the top of Gmail’s inbox column. By default, Google shows tabs – and automatically categorizes your messages into them – for your social updates from sites like Google+, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, promotions from the likes of Google Offers and Groupon, and a kind of catch-all “Updates” tab for your bills, receipts and similar messages.

So I Post the tutorial that how you use new inbox in gmail.
Steps :
1 . Open gmail account and you you new inbox like this.
new_gmail_inbox_style-2 How to use New Gmail email categorization
So you find that there are three new tabs on the top Primary,Social,Promotional Now Gmail automatic set you mails according to his have to click on tabs to see the another category mails.
2. If you want to add new categories so click on + icon
plus-2 How to use New Gmail email categorization
So here you see the two another categories Updates and forums After click on that button you get another two tabs.if you don’t want to categories your email just unclick all the tabs and you got your last inbox.
3.. In this image you will see that how to manage your new inbox.There are two arrows in this arrows I drag the mails to the another category so if you want to send you mail to another category you have to drag mails in category tab.
categories_mails-2 How to use New Gmail email categorization