SearchTopTouristThingsOfACityWithGoogle-1 Search Top Tourist Things Of A City With GoogleIf you are going to a different city for travelling purpose and don’t know about the famous places in a city then at that time you can use number 1 search engine Google to quickly browse all the tourist attractions and other interesting information about the places around that city. This includes historical forts/places, lakes, park, hotels, religious places.

In this article I’m going to share how to Find the Top Tourist Attractions of a City with Google search. I hope all travelling lovers like this article.

The keyword for your Google search should be Things to do in City or County. See examples below to understand in the proper way.
Things To Do In County (Example)

  • Things to do in India
  • Things to do in London
  • Things to do in UK

thingstodoincountry-GoogleSearch-2 Search Top Tourist Things Of A City With Google

Things To Do In City (Example)

  • Things to do in Chandigarh
  • Things to do in Delhi
  • Things to do in Mumbai

thingstodoincity-GoogleSearch-2 Search Top Tourist Things Of A City With Google
You may try a search for Hyderabad  Zurich, Pakistan and Agra. Not sure which places to see in a city?. Google will show only popular cities result with a full information otherwise you will get normal results