It is very much frustrating to wait for windows to boot. It takes a minute or two, but it is a tacky affair. Everyone wants to speed up  boot process no matter they have an old desktop computer or a new and latest laptop.

article-new_ehow_images_a01_ui_kt_increase-download-speed-800x8001-2 Speed Up Boot Process Time for windows

Here are some of the ways, which can help you to speed up boot process of your computer. This will increase the speed of the computer and its booting will be quicker than before. These ways are quite simple.

Boot-Scan your PC
Sometimes your antivirus fails to detect a virus/malware during virus scan so, it is advisable to Boot-Scan your PC regularly.  a Boot-Scan will work magically to speed it up. Its my personal experience every-time i Boot-Scan my PC it increase my PC’s overall performance & makes my PC
virus free.

Enable Quick Boot from BIOS
When you first set up your computer, BIOS is set up. This is done to make things convenient for you. However, those things can be immobilized once you set up.

This setting of Quick Boot will turn off the tests that your computer runs when turned on. The boot priority tweak will direct your computer not to go through thumb drives, CDs, floppy disks or any other media when it first starts. All this will help you to boot into your OS quicker.

Remove unnecessary fonts
Every font, which is installed on your computer loads whenever you start your windows. Obviously, more the number of fonts slower will be the speed at which windows will load. It is advisable to keep the font list closer to 300-400 although you can safely load 1000 fonts. Be careful while deleting any fonts unless you are very sure that they are not needed. Fonts such as Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman, Tahoma and Courier New should not be anyway deleted.

Use a static IP
Give your computer a static IP address. It always remains the same and never changes. To know your static IP, you can contact your ISP. Static IP can save a lot of time when you up your computer.

Filter Programs that run at startup
You can speed up the booting process by deleting the unnecessary programs that launch and run at startup. These programs degrade the booting performance. You can immobilize the applications that are needed by you at startup.  It is advisable to disable most of such applications except the antivirus program.

Disable unused Hardware
Booting of your computer can be boosted by disabling the unused hardware such as floppy drives, bluetooth devices etc. It is so because when your computer starts a lot of hardware drivers are loaded. This consumes quite a bit of time, which can be reduced by disabling such drivers. Simply go to device manager and right click on the device you want to disable. It will also speed up PC.

Upgrade your RAM
A superior RAM can help you to boot your PC fast. It is an effective way to increase the speed of your computer. Also, you can make use of a separate graphics memory. It will also help you to speed up PC.

Updated Antivirus
There are some malwares that can slow down the speed of your computer. So, it is advisable to install any antivirus software. Also, keep it updated and run frequent scans. Your PC will be much secure and faster.