an-illustrated-image-of-a-security-camera-and-a-laptop5454-580x358 Secure your home using a webcam for free

Security is of prime importance to everyone of us and we want our things to be secured even when no one is around them.
You enjoy the feeling of freedom when you know that everything around you is safe and secure.  Have you ever thought of setting up a surveillance system using just your computer and the webcam?

TNLsoftsolutions is providing a very unique and cheap way of setting up a security system purely based on a webcam.  The free software – Sentry Vision Security, they offer, has many great features only boasted by their paid counterparts.

Following are some of the features of the software :

  • Motion detection
  • Motion alerts (text msg, and E-mail)
  • Motion alarm
  • Hidden mode
  • Auto startup on Windows login
  • Time stamp
  • Multiple Camera support
  • Saves recordings as WMV video files
  • Records audio from microphone
  • Webcam broadcast (View/Control your webcam online. Smart phone compatible)
  • Remote control with simple text msg or E-mail commands
  • Scheduler to turn on/off Sentry Vision features at specified times 
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